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Molybdenum Diakyldithiophosphate( MoDDP)(72030-25-2)

  • Packing   200KG/drum
  • Molecular formula   MoDDP
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Desription: Molybdenum Diakyldithiophosphate  is a liquid organic Molybdenum compound. It can function as a Friction
modifier, EP/Antiwear agent and Antioxidant in engine oils, industrial oils and greases.
Chemical name: Molybdenum Diakyldithiophosphate( MoDDP)

Chemical structure:

Cas No:   72030-25-2
Treat level: Lube oils:0.2-1.0% Greases:1.0-3.0%
Highlights: Higher Molybdenum content Lower Phosphorus content
Excellent friction-reducing property Good EP/AW and antioxidation performance

Packaging:  200kgs/drum(net weight)
Storage information: Not dangerouschemical. Kept undercool, dry andwell ventilated warehouses
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