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Sebacic Acid(CAS:111-20-6)

  • Packing   25kg/bag
  • Molecular formula   C10H18O4
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Sebacic acid Basic information
The main method of preparation Chemical properties Uses Production method Hazards & Safety Information
Product Name: Sebacic acid

Decanedioic acid;

1,8-Octanedicarboxylic acid;

1,10-Decanedioic acid;

CAS: 111-20-6
MF: C10H18O4
MW: 202.25
EINECS: 203-845-5
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Sebacic acid Structure
Sebacic acid Chemical specification


White solid



Melting point (deg c)

131 – 134.5

Ash content (pct)

0.03% max.

Moisture (pct)

0.30% max

Colour (apha)

15 max.

Safety Information
Hazard Codes  Xi
Risk Statements  36/37/38
Safety Statements  26-36-24/25
WGK Germany  1
RTECS  VS0875000
HS Code  29171310
Toxicity LD50 orally in Rabbit: 3400 - 14500 mg/kg LD50 dermal Rat > 2000 mg/kg
Sebacic acid Usage  
Uses 1. Sebacic acid can be used as cold plasticizer, nylon resins and other raw material. 
2. It can be used as analytical reagents, etc. 
3. Sebacic acid is mainly used as sebate plasticizer and nylon molding resin raw material, it is also used for high-temperature lubricant raw material. Its main product is methyl ester, isopropyl, butyl, octyl, nonyl phenyl ester and methyl ester, common ester is dibutyl sebacate and dioctyl sebacate. Sebacic acid plasticizers can be widely used in polyvinyl chloride, alkyd resins, polyester resins and polyamide molding resin due to its low toxicity and high temperature performance, so it is often used in the resin of some special purposes. Nylon molding resin which producted by sebacic acid has high toughness and low moisture absorption, it can also be processed into many special-purpose products. Sebacic acid is also rubber softener, surfactant, coating and fragrance raw materials.
4. Sebacic acid is used as GC Less tail agent, separation and analysis of fatty acids, it can be used to precipitate and quantitative determination of thorium, separation of thorium, cerium and other rare earth elements. Plasticizers, synthetic resins and synthetic fibers.

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