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Dimethyl Sulfoxide (CAS:67-68-5)

  • Packing   225kg/drum
  • Molecular formula   C2H6OS
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Dimethyl sulfoxide Basic information
Product Name: Dimethyl sulfoxide
Synonyms: Dromisol;Durasorb;Gamasol 90;gamasol90;Herpid;Hyadur;Infiltrina;Kemsol
CAS: 67-68-5
MW: 78.13
EINECS: 200-664-3
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Dimethyl sulfoxide Structure
Dimethyl sulfoxide Specification


99.8% min

Crystallization point

18.10 min

Acid value mgKOH/g

0.03 max


96.0% min

Refractive index(20)



0.1 %max

Safety Information
Hazard Codes  Xi
Risk Statements  36/37/38
Safety Statements  24/25-37/39-26-36-23
WGK Germany  1
RTECS  PV6210000
Autoignition Temperature 215 °C
HS Code  29309070
Hazardous Substances Data 67-68-5(Hazardous Substances Data)
Toxicity LD50 orally in rats: 17.9 ml/kg (Bartsch)
Dimethyl sulfoxide Usage And Synthesis
Uses DMSO is a polar aprotic solvent used in chemical reactions, in polymerase chain reactions (PCR) and as a cryoprotectant vitrification agent for the preservation of cells, tissues and organs. DMSO is used in cell freezing media to protect cells from ice crystal induced mechanical injury. It is used for frozen storage of primary, sub-cultured, and recombinant heteroploid and hybridoma cell lines; embryonic stem cells (ESC), and hematopoietic stem cells. DMSO is frequently used in the combinations with BSA or fetal bovine serum (FBS).
Uses Human and animal cell lines grown in culture are generally stored frozen. Freezing protects the cell line from changes due to genetic drift and minimizes risk of contamination. Liquid nitrogen used in conjunction with a cryoprotective agent such as DMSO is a widely used method for preserving cells. Without the presence of a cryoprotective agent, freezing is lethal to most mammalian cells. Damage is caused by mechanical injury by ice crystals, concentration of electrolytes, pH changes, and denaturation of proteins. These lethal effects are minimized by adding a cryoprotective agent which lowers
Uses Dimethyl sulfoxide (1-10%) has been shown to accelerate strand renaturation and is believed to give the nucleic acid thermal stability against depurination. As a PCR cosolvent, DMSO may help improve yields, especially in long PCR.
Uses A polar aprotic solvent used in polymerase chain reactions (PCR) and as a cryoprotectant vitrification agent for the preservation of cells, tissues and organs.
Uses Suitable for HPLC, spectrophotometry, environmental testing
Uses Solvent for many organic Compounds including fats, carbohydrates, dyes, resins, and polymers. In organic reactions. As antifreeze or hydraulic fluid when mixed with water. To cryopreserve and store cultured cells.
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