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Sodium Bisulfite (CAS:7631-90-5)

  • Packing   25kg/bag
  • Molecular formula   HNaO3S
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Sodium Bisulfite Basic information
Product Name: Sodium Bisulfite

Sodium hydrogen sulfite; 

Sodium bisulfite

CAS: 7631-90-5
MW: 104.06
EINECS: 231-548-0
Product Categories: -;INORGANIC & ORGANIC CHEMICALS;Inorganics;Water Ttreatment Chemicals
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Sodium bisulfite Structure
Sodium bisulfite Chemical Properties

Content (SO2) %




Heavy metal(as Pb)


Chloride(as Cl)


Water insoluble




Safety Information
Hazard Codes  Xn
Risk Statements  22-31-41-52
Safety Statements  26-39-46-25
WGK Germany  1
RTECS  UX8225000
HS Code  28321000
Hazardous Substances Data 7631-90-5(Hazardous Substances Data)
Toxicity LD50 i.v. in rats: 115 mg/kg (Hoppe, Goble)
Sodium bisulfite Usage And Synthesis
Uses 1. Used as reducing agent, food preservatives and bleach.
2. Used for the bleaching of cotton fabric and organic substance. Used as reducing agents in dyes, paper, leather, chemical synthesis and other industries. Used for the production of analgin and aminopyrine intermediates in pharmaceutical industry. Used as bleach, preservatives, and antioxidants of food grade products. 
3. Sodium bisulfite is reduction bleach allowed to use in China. It has bleaching effect on food and has a strong inhibitory effect on the oxidase within plant foods. It can be used for candied fruit, glucose, sugar, rock candy, caramel, candy, liquid glucose, dried fruit, dried vegetables, vermicelli, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and mushroom cans in provisions of our country, with a maximum use of 0.45g/kg; it can also be used for potato starch with a maximum use amount of 0.2g/kg and a maximume residual amount (in terms of SO2) of less than 0.03 g/kg.
4. Used as reductants in analysis and also as bleach and bacterial inhibitors
5. Used as reducing agent, antiseptic, disinfectant and bleach.
Uses Reducing agent; convenient source of sulfur dioxide.
Uses sodium bisulfite is a preservative and anti-oxidant, it is most frequently used as a pH adjuster.
Uses Sodium Bisulfite is a preservative that exists as a powder, with a solubility of 1 g in 4 ml of water. it prevents discoloration and inhib- its bacterial growth. it is used in dried fruit to inhibit browning and maintain the bright color. it is found in reconstituted lemon juice. see sulfur dioxide.
Uses As disinfectant and bleach, particularly for wool; in dyeing for preparing hot and cold indigo vats; in paper-making in place of sodium hyposulfite to remove Cl from bleached fibers; as stripper (reducer) in laundering; to remove permanganate stains from skin and clothing; to render certain dyes sol; manufacture of sodium hydrosulfite; coagulating rubber latex; as preservative for deteriorative liqs or solutions used for technical purposes; as antiseptic in fermentation industries. As preservative and bleach in food. Pharmaceutic aid (antioxidant).
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